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A Personal Message...Music has been my life and passion for as


far back as I can remember. The direction of my writing and purpose of my performing has always been to uplift, inspire and promote peace and empowerment through motivational, conscious music......music and programs that come from my heart and are created to reach in and touch yours.

     In these changing and often challenging times, my goal is to use my music and programs to promote a peaceful and loving energy, one that moves the listener to open their heart and mind to the possibility of co-creating a world that works for everyone.

     My original musical style encompasses the best of many generations, blending the jazzy flavor of artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Krall, sprinkled with the pop/rock blues mix feel of Sarah McLachlan, and kd lang, with a little bluesy Bonnie Raitt sprinked in.

     I write songs as varied as the moods of our daily lives, with lyrics that speak to the heart and melodies that soothe your soul. My programs are designed to motivate, educate and empower us all to “be the change we seek in the world”.





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Next 5 Performances

  • Jan 27
    Namaste Cafe,  Redondo Beach
  • Jan 29
    Living Beyond Limits - CSL Lakewood,  Lakewood
  • Feb 5
    Center for Spiritual Living - Monterey,  Monterey
  • Feb 12
    Center for Spiritual Living - Los Gatos,  Los Gatos
  • Feb 18
    Women of Wisdom Conference,  Seattle

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Dearest Karie,    You were marvelous yesterday.  You added so much to the event, especially with your special song.  You are so wonderful to do this for us, to give of your time and talent.  Everyone had such a good time.  So many said it made their day!   

   You were actually the catalyst for the variety show idea.  When you turned down the idea of a concert, I knew I had to come up with a different idea, a different way of looking at it.  The variety show came out of that.  So thank you on so many levels. Love, Bobbie


Thank you, Karie! Your talk was just what I needed to hear--really timely. And I'm so glad that I got to sit with you at lunch. You're so honest, funny, and wise--an original, authentic soul!


We have been very fortunate that you have chosen to come through Lake County all these many years. And we'd be so blessed if you were to do it again. When you begin to tentatively plan next year, I'd be very happy to pencil you in.

Wishing you and Allen best--you are on my prayer list. With love, Barbara


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