CD Light The Way

Yes, I really want to compliment you on the CD.  It looks great and there are a lot of great songs on there.  Hey I love the new one The Power of Now.  I need my people to learn it!   Anyway, congrats.  I love it!    Stay heathy and happy! ~Janette F  Fresno, CA

I am so in love with you music I think it’s just  wonderful I keep listening to it over and over again. The more I listen to it the more I realize how wonderful it is It’s amazing, I’m just so happy with your music it’s exactly what I need and exactly the path that I’m on.  Thank you so much for your music. ~ Doug M  Santa Cruz, CA

Hi Karie, For quite a while now, I have been playing your CD in my car and wanted to compliment you on your wonderful talent…. the songs are charming. Thanks for including the lyrics to refer to. Your music is so upbeat and inspiring. It should be required for all drivers -- would surely put a stop to road rage! Who could be angry after listening to your comforting voice? Thank you for suggesting the trade of a copy of my book for one of your CDs. One of the best bargains of the year for me. ~ Katherine P   San Pedro, CA


CD Solstice Peace

I have sent my request in for more of your CD's.  That is so soothing that I had to buy them to give to friends I know will love your CD. ~Sharon B

just a quick note to let you know how much i am enjoying your cd!  i tried to use it for my biofeedback at night but i just keep thinking about how amazing it is that you can sit down at a piano and have the wonderful music flow through you and so then my ocd doesn't let me go to sleep.  but it is still relaxing music for me and i listen to it before i go to sleep.  i am taking it to my massage therapy appointment tomorrow to share with her too. ~ Bonnie H

It gives a peace, an inner peace that is so soothing, warm and comforting, and yet, let's you just be.  You have done a fine job with "opening the heart" of the listener with this CD. I applaud you!  Very well done. ~ Jane M

i was sitting down to feed michael his dinner tonite and for whatever reason you entered my mind so i put some of your music on while we ate you should have seen smiles on his face and  how happy he is.who knows exactly why but i am giving your music credit and your voice i know makes me feel good .i just had share that with you and just say hi to some of our favorite people in the world. ~ Michael C  Eureka, CA

 "It was a joy to share time & music with you. By the way, the piano CD is great for bedtime. The crickets & frogs blend right in with my own."  ~ Sunshine Smith  Oceanside, CA


CD Peace Instead

Thank you, thank you for the CD!  I got it the other day.   I just love the CD – I’ve listened to it 3 times already and it is just beautiful.  The first time I listened to it I was feeling exhausted, hadn’t slept much the night before and had about a million things to conquer that day.  I was answering email and mumbling to myself about how each email I receive I have 10 things to add to my list as a result and then I popped in your cd.  I realized that about an hour later I was feeling energized and wondered what happened – how I could be awake after no sleep at about 8pm.  I attribute it to your music – so warm and vibrant.  I’m going to listen to it again when I’m tired – like in the next ten minutes and see what happens.  Pretty cool huh?  Love you. ~ Diane B  Big Bear, CA

i have had your peace instead album for awhile but did not pay it much attention till after seeing you last. that is an awesome cd i just love it. do not really have an in home cd player so i listen mostly in car. see ya later ~ Michael and Mikey  Eureka, CA

Wow! Your new CD is the best yet. Fantastic! I really do love these last two CDs.  The songs have a renewed power to them. Outstanding!  You are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this with me. Thank you for spreading positive messages to, well, wherever you go...other countries and this one as well. Love your spirit and your beautiful energy. ~ Mary Benbow, CA

PEACE INSTEAD is beautiful. I love it because I love your voice....but more importantly, it speaks to the need for peace, but without causing people who are PRO or CON the USA's reaction to the war in Iraq, the missiles in North Korea, President Bush, etc. The focus on unity and lines such as-- "I will not kill my brother in the name of anything"-- is more of what I think is needed to bridge the diverse feelings people have. This is not "just" a US problem, peace (as your song says so well) is something needed by the whole's a global issue…'s beautiful. I'm not comparing myself to those in "One Drop of Water." But your lyrics, your voice...they are the first thing that have turned my thoughts from darkness in days. Thank you. ~ Lorraine A  San Jose, CA

Karie, I received your cd!  Thank you so much, i definitely enjoy all the're so talented!  I think it will be the only cd I listen to for the whole week :)Hope all is well with you and best wishes for the future.  Thank you. ~ Laura  Boston, MA

Hi Karie!
Congratulations on Peace Instead!  That is a great song-the world needs more people like you. ~ Kathey  Mckinleyville, CA


"The Spiritual Significance of Music"