Peace Be With You: CD

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A soothing mix of affirming chants and uplifting sing-a-longs to use for your personal centering time, gatherings, retreats or wherever motivational and healing music is desired. Released 2011

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Individual Song Scores $4.00 + Free MP3

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"Peace Be With You"  Song Scores


1. You Are The Light  PDF   




2. I Am At Peace  PDF   




3. For These Gifts  PDF   




4. Let Us Gather  PDF   




5. Shalom Peace Salaam  PDF   




6. Mother Earth Chant  PDF   

7. I Am We Are God Is PDF 




8. This Gift  PDF   




9. We Are I Am  PDF   




10. Power Of A Word  PDF   




11. Circle Of Love  PDF   




12. Fire Chant  PDF   




13. Releasing Letting Go  PDF   




14. When We Listen  PDF 



Additional Song Scores $4.00 + free MP3

1a. All In The Balance  PDF 
2a. It's All Good  
3a. One World  PDF 
4a. Peace Instead  PDF 
5a. She's The Earth  PDF 
6a. Shine On  PDF 

7a. To Your Heart  PDF 

8a. I Let   PDF