Peace Be With You SongbookPeace Be With You - Songbook   (14 tracks - $25) 

Peace Be With YouPeace Be With You - CD   (14 tracks - $17)   

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Individual Song Scores $4.00 + Free MP3

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"Peace Be With You"  Song Scores

1. You Are The Light  PDF   

2. I Am At Peace  PDF   

3. For These Gifts  PDF   

4. Let Us Gather  PDF   

5. Shalom Peace Salaam  PDF   

6. Mother Earth Chant  PDF   

7. I Am We Are God Is PDF 

8. This Gift  PDF   

9. We Are I Am  PDF   

10. Power Of A Word  PDF   

11. Circle Of Love  PDF   

12. Fire Chant  PDF   

13. Releasing Letting Go  PDF   

14. When We Listen  PDF 

Additional Song Scores $4.00 + free MP3

1a. All In The Balance  PDF 
2a. It's All Good  
3a. One World  PDF 
4a. Peace Instead  PDF 
5a. She's The Earth  PDF 
6a. Shine On  PDF 

7a. To Your Heart  PDF 

8a. I Let   PDF  

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I've been listening to your CD Together We Rise. I LOVE it! Such inspiring words, and you sound magnificent!
Much love, Barbara
We appreciate your music soooo much. 
We play your cds everyday or when we really need some solace. 
Just wanted to say how we enjoy your music.
Thanks for everything. We wish all the best and happy new year. Blessings support peace harmony calmness - Suzanne and Lyle
Hi Karie.  Thank you for your sweet note. Just want you to know that I am enjoying your CD very much, and particularly love In the Silence. I will be using it for my morning meditation.  Can't wait to share your music with my Sacred Circle.  I know we will meet again. Much love, Denise
Dearest Karie,    You were marvelous yesterday.  You added so much to the event, especially with your special song.  You are so wonderful to do this for us, to give of your time and talent.  Everyone had such a good time.  So many said it made their day!  Love, Bobbie
I am back on Vancouver island and as I am emailing you, I have your CD playing -- and I love it-- We are all one  !
In love, light & Gratitude,  Diane

Thank you, Karie! Your talk was just what I needed to hear--really timely. And I'm so glad that I got to sit with you at lunch. You're so honest, funny, and wise--an original, authentic soul! With love, Barbara