Established in 1994 Indie Record Label One World Records has five diverse artists including owner/producer, conscious pop singer/songwriter Karie Hillery. 

   The other current One World Records Artists include Rob Morgan's soothing Native American flute, Varsha Saxena healing solo piano, Dr Janette Freeman's guided visualizations, Shakeh's eclectic adult contemporary and Susan Allison's spiritual "downloads".   
   Each artist on the label brings their unique talent and style woven together by a common thread of a vision for a world that works for everyone.

Wind N Wild Things

Rob Morgan

Soothing Native American flute -- "It was a pleasure to team up with Karie in producing my latest CD 'Wind 'n' Wild Things'. Her enthusiasm for my music and confidence in me was inspiring; her attention to even the smallest details allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. Thank you Karie - you're a blessing in my life." ~ Rob Morgan

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Songs Of My Soul


Eclectic adult contemporary -- "When you choose a producer you need someone who understands your music and how it needs to sound to best reflect your artistic vision. You need someone who has the technical savvy to be self contained in a quality studio. You need someone who has access to stellar players to give you the best tracks possible, and , if you're lucky, someone who has a vested interest to go the extra mile or more to be sure the integrity of the project on all levels is of the highest quality possible.

I can't say enough about the fact that Karie Hillery brings so much knowledge, experience, integrity and just plain love to every project she is involved with. The road to my latest CD, "Changing" has been long and challenging, but Karie has been my champion the entire time. She has been fully hands on from helping me fine tune the songs, to getting me the most amazing, talented, players to make the music come alive, helping me get the best possible vocal performance, and having the technical chops to make everything sound amazing.

She brings years of experience on both sides of the mic as an accomplished performer and a producer/engineer and this has been the first time I've done a CD with someone who had me fully involved on all levels all the time. Her faith in me and my music has helped sustain me and her stellar gifts are giving me the best sounding CD I've ever done. If you are looking for a producer who will give you what you want and make you sound better than you've ever sounded before, you definitely need to consider Karie Hllery."
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Piano Dreams

Varsha Saxena

Healing solo piano music -- "When I first met Karie, she was like an angel brought to me. I felt supported and cared for throughout the production of my second cd called Piano Dreams. She accommodated my needs for Piano Dreams and a year or so ago it aired on Pandora (an internet radio station).

She has a passion to help musicians achieve their dreams and makes them come true." ~ Varsha Saxena

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We Carry The Light

Susan Allison

Spirit songs and chants -- "Karie Hillery has been my gifted music producer for three years, and just recently my CD "We Carry the Light" has been released. The CD is beautiful and is already receiving rave reviews. While singing and speaking in Germany this summer, I signed a contract with AMRA Publishing to duplicate and distribute my music in Germany and Europe.

I'm being invited to speak and sing at churches and spiritual centers and am selling my CDs at these venues and online. Karie has been my mentor, teacher, coach, advocate and has produced a quality CD that I am proud to offer to people. Without Karie, there would be no CD, no singing engagements, no contract and no sense of pride and joy within me for birthing my music to the world. I'm so grateful to Karie Hillery for everything." ~ Dr Susan Allison

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Universe Of Love

Susan Allison

"Divine downloads" - lyrics and melodies created when I opened my heart while living through a time of deep love and grief

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Mind Prints: Peace Of Mind

Dr Janette Marie Freeman

Meditations and Affirmations -- "Working with Karie's recording studio has been a VERY REWARDING and positive experience. The quality of the recording and her talent to provide music as well, gave me several products which I have been selling successfully all over the world.

Her prices, her quality, and her kind heart make for an inspiring and rewarding recording experience." ~ Dr. Janette Marie Freeman

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Jane Kikendall

"Working with Karie to record my CD was truly a labor of love for both of us. Karie is so passionate and really knows the recording business. She made me feel at ease. It was a very rewarding experience." ~ Jane Kikendall

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"Kindred spirits we were at first meeting. My recording sessions with Karie were a blend of fun, work and an opportunity to forge a lasting friendship. Karie encouraged me to be myself and to just do what I do while we recorded a handful of songs.

I was able to convey my ideas which were executed with fluidity and ease. Karie’s flexibility and her hand picked studio musicians made it possible for me to finish the project in style. It would give me great pleasure to hire Karie for any future projects." ~ Kahish

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