Karie offers many diverse programs including several that were custom created for the AGNT "Seasons". She has successfully presented at numerous Unity and Centers for Spiritual Living as well as other AGNT and unaffiliated Spiritual Centers. (List of Venues)

     Each special presentation is custom created for the needs and desires of the venue, taking into consideration things such as the monthly theme, comfort with interactive sharing, traditional format of service and desires of the board or minister for whom she is subbing.  

     As Karie is also a proficient musician, when requested she can cover all the music for the service at centers who don't have a staff music director, creating a cohesive program including additional music that supports the message. Her warmth, humor and ability to connect from the heart and share from her personal life experiences adds a special depth to her message.

     "Living Peace" celebrates the agnt.org Season for Non Violence by exploring how we as individuals can show up as love, creating a positive energetic ripple effect in our world. Supported by the extraordinary musicianship of Chris Pinnick - guitar and Dwain Roque - percussion/vocals, Karie uses her personal experience and conscious pop music to inspire and motivate us.

     Mother's Day is a sacred holiday for more than our birth mothers. It is a day to celebrate all those who have been mother figures to us, as well as our Mother Earth. Karie looks at the history and inception of Mother's Day and celebrates the unconditional love between our Earth and birth mothers with music, message and meditation.

     This program, created and presented by Karie Hillery takes a deeper look at prosperity consciousness and how we manifest our thoughts and attitudes about being "in the flow". Are we creating the life we desire or are we stuck in old beliefs and paralyzed by our fear of letting go and moving toward our dreams? Includes spoken word, original conscious pop music and inspirational readings.

     A special program created and presented by Karie Hillery at Infinite Spirit in San Jose California November 2014. Celebrating interfaith awareness and exploring the common teachings in many diverse spiritual traditions. Karie takes a look at how we can be a positive influence in the world by outwardly expressing and living our faith.

   Program created and presented by Karie Hillery at Los Gatos Center For Spiritual Living 2014. Karie uses spoken word, original conscious pop music and inspirational readings to celebrate the similarities and diversity of many spiritual paths. She also examines the most effective way to "show up" in the world using our personal spiritual tools to teach as well as learn ways to co create a world that works for everyone.

A special program created and presented by Karie Hillery at Los Gatos Center for Spiritual Living in January 2015. Program includes original conscious pop music, spoken word inspirational readings and meditation with chant.


     How do we approach change in our lives - do we resist or  embrace it? Through spoken word, original conscious pop music and inspirational readings, Karie explores how finding positive ways to embrace change in our personal lives can   empower us to “be the change” we wish to see in our world.                             

          How do those we most admire hold their anchor in peace through life’s storms? Karie explores the core values many of our most respected leaders use to maintain their anchor of peace during chaos, hatred and violence.


     An interactive concert and musical program with Narayan and Janet Baltzo, celebrating the agnt.org Season For Non Violence. Includes spoken word, inspirational readings, guided meditation and original conscious music.


      What tools can we find that are effective for us individually to create a peace within ourselves that we can express outwardly to co create a more peaceful world.

Associated Global New Thought (AGNT) Programs

Season for Peace

     Karie Hillery's "Season for Peace and Nonviolence" (SPAN) program is inspired by AGNT's 64 days honoring Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Cesar Chavez. AGNT's Season for Non-violence running Jan 30th through April 4th, is an educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities.

     This uplifting program combines original music, inspirational readings and spoken word. Karie's deep personal conviction to peace and her musical artistry help inspire us all to heed the message of these peace activists and "be the change you want to see in the world".

     Karie's "Season for Peace" is an experience that will stay with you throughout the year.

 Season for the Earth

     The "She's the Earth" program supports the AGNT "Season for the Earth" and Earth Day which runs April through June. An Earth Day baby, Karie shares her personal journey to earth activism as well as practical ideas to help reduce our carbon footprint.

     This presentation includes a chant and guided meditation with a mix of inspirational readings, motivational original music, spoken word and earth friendly daily practices. Karie's inspiring presentation helps us find ways to connect more fully and respectfully with the Mother Earth.



Season for Humane Service

     The AGNT Season for Humane Service has inspired a deeper look into what "sacred service" or "seva" really means. 

     Karie's program, combining spoken word, inspirational readings and original "conscious" music helps us more deeply embrace and understand the concept of true "giving" where both server and receiver are served. It explores how each of us as individuals can find our personal expression of service as active worldly and spiritual  participants in the action of compassionate service.




Additional Special Programs

International Peace Day

     Karie presents a special program for "International Peace Day" designated as September 21st and celebrated throughout that week.

     Combining music, inspirational readings and compelling personal stories, this multi-faceted presentation encourages us to take individual responsibility for creating a world that works for everyone. It illuminates how we are each an essential component in moving toward the goal of international peace, beginning first within ourselves.

Thanksgiving Service

     Karie's Thanksgiving/Gratitude program is well suited for the traditional November celebration or any event based on gratefulness for what we have and an appreciation of our abundance.

     As with Karie's other programs, this presentation combines music, inspirational readings and a spoken message that opens our awareness to the reality that living with an attitude of gratitude can shift our energy and draw positive change into our lives.

     Additional programs include "Global Oneness Day" "The Power Of A Word", " Season for Interfaith/Intercultural Celebration", "Demin Day", Taize Services and others.

Programs Presented at these Venues

   Unity (CA)
Davis, Eureka, Ukiah, Lower Lake, Santa Cruz, Grover Beach, Riverside, Carlsbad,
South Bay (Torrance), Santa Maria, CA

   Unity Sarasota, FL

   Center For Spiritual Living (CA)
Davis, Monterey, Los Gatos, Chico, Yuba City, Lake Forest, Mendocino, Eureka, Fremont, Prunedale, Santa Cruz, Marysville, Simi Valley, Westlake

   Other Centers (CA)
Oneness Center, Fresno - New Thought Center, Fresno - Awakening Ways, Atascadero -Illuminata Spirtual Center, San Jose - Awareness Network, San Jose - Launching Pad, Berkeley - Common Ground, Tustin - Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment, Big Bear Lake - Center for Creative Thought, Oceano - Symphony of Life Spiritual Center, Grover Beach - Center for Spiritual Growth, Carmichael - Community of Infinite Spirit, San Jose

Community of Infinite Spirit

  Additional Centers  Unitarian Universalist, Bradenton, FL - Sacred Space Spiritual Center, Salem Oregon

Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment