"When you need your music to be taken from conception to completion. Karie Hillery is the one. Her expertise and complete knowledge of the music industry set her apart from everyone else. Karie is truly a music pioneer." ~ Mason Wright from Musicale Network Group


This magical combination of Karie Hillery and Chris Pinnick has yielded a musical experience of tranquility, depth and great beauty. 

When you need to create a musical oasis for yourself, play "Meanderings." Shakeh


Meanderings is a lovely musical journey through a variety of emotional landscapes. Listening to the soulful sounds of Karie Hillery's keyboard and Chris Pinnick's guitar was calming––a great remedy to my busy schedule. 

I enjoyed Change as one of those roadtrip collections that made a long trip speed by, filled with inspiration and toe-tapping both. Lee

Dear Karie, I have been listening to your beautiful voice singing these precious prayers and my “Birthday Week" now has been filled with the magic you have shared. I am enchanted by a few of your songs especially and really want to learn them for my own personal prayer/song/chant that I do every morning. I am mesmerized by “Shalom Peace Salaam” and “Mother Earth Chant” and am learning them as I drive. 

I know you enjoy the water as much as I do and someday I would love to swim with you. Until then dear “lady of Light” we can swim together in our dreams. 

My appreciation of you Is as deep as the sea. Trustworthy is the word that continues to come. Thank you. 

So here I am with the Linzer torte David made for my big 70. I will always remember you for being there for me in song. 

Blessings🌹 Noëlle

Beautiful! You have the voice of an angel. Thank you, Karie, for your inspirational, healing music and being YOU! All the best to you reaching more people!! Blessings of love and joy! Rayna

Karie, You are doing amazing things to keep everyone’s spirit positive. You are a blessing!!!  Love you, Mike D

Lovely message. Your energy is powerful and gentle. Janet and Narayan 

I wanted to say "Thanks" for your monthly newsletter.  It provides some semblance of "normalcy" to read this, and I hope you are keeping your spirits up.  You certainly help me raise mine.  Best always, Rick 

I shared your newsletter with our retreat committee.  I met you years ago in Stanford’s atrium and I’m friends with Greg Kaufman, music director.  Your beautiful music is cheerful and a balm during these incredibly stressful and divisive times. With love and peace, Jenny 

BEAUTIFUL Karie!!! How did this big voice get in such a petite body?  Perhaps because your voice is not of your body but of your HUGE soul. Love you Sweetheart! Kim 

Your song was something I’d been praying someone would sing 🎶!  Your words were of divine guidance & filled with wisdom. I loved your honoring the sacredness of all beings and living sacred things. We all are one and can be harmony , love and peace. Your mermaid voice did it. Also the goddess within you radiates. I appreciate you and Allen very much so.  With all my heart I humbly bow to your hearts with benevolence💖🙏🏽💖💝 Love you all, Dyani ManyHorses Davis

I am back on Vancouver island and as I am emailing you, I have your CD playing -- and I love it-- We are all one  !  In love, light & Gratitude,  Diane 

Karie,  We appreciate your music soooo much. We play your cds everyday or when we really need some solace. Just wanted to say how we enjoy your music. Thanks for everything. We wish all the best and happy new year. Blessings support peace harmony calmness - Suzanne and Lyle  

Hi Karie.  Thank you for your sweet note. Just want you to know that I am enjoying your CD very much, and particularly love In the Silence. I will be using it for my morning meditation.  Can't wait to share your music with my Sacred Circle.  I know we will meet again. Much love, Denise

I've been listening to your CD Together We Rise. I LOVE it! Such inspiring words, and you sound magnificent! Much love, Barbara 

Thank you, Karie! Your talk was just what I needed to hear--really timely. And I'm so glad that I got to sit with you at lunch. You're so honest, funny, and wise--an original, authentic soul! We have been very fortunate that you have chosen to come through Lake County all these many years. And we'd be so blessed if you were to do it again. When you begin to tentatively plan next year, I'd be very happy to pencil you in. Wishing you and Allen best--you are on my prayer list. With love, Barbara 

Dearest Karie, You were marvelous yesterday.  You added so much to the event, especially with your special song.  You are so wonderful to do this for us, to give of your time and talent.  Everyone had such a good time.  So many said it made their day!   You were actually the catalyst for the variety show idea.  When you turned down the idea of a concert, I knew I had to come up with a different idea, a different way of looking at it.  The variety show came out of that.  So thank you on so many levels. Love, Bobbie 

Hi Karie, God bless you. Still at it hard I see, you are a pip.  When I first looked at your photo I saw your Mom and Dad and then your sister. Keep up the good work you do a lot for many spiritually and more than you know for your own soul. Take care. Love to you and Alan -  Vinny 

Hi Karie, Listened to some of the excerpts of your songs you had on your page while doing my early morning workout on my exercise bike this morning & I was truly mesmerized by the beauty & passion of your songs. 
I can truly see how your songs inspire unity & peace & help others to be the change they wish to be in the world. 
You are a truly gifted writer & singer and Spirit flows through your words and melodies. I can honestly say that there is not one of your songs I listened to that I did not love. 
Your songs are equally moving & inspirational. I loved She's the Earth, Let's Live As One, and all the others equally. 
 One of my passions is to visit different Unity and other New Thought sister churches in my travels & share in fellowship with like minded Spirits. 
Though it has been quite some time now that I have been to Cali, I am hoping to visit again soon as soon as Spirit opens the way to do so. I would love to attend one of the services you are playing at in the near future. 
Keep up the great & powerfully moving work and inspiration, Karie. God is truly moving through you. May God Bless, Guide & Protect you always!!! Love & Light! Your sister Spirit, Carrie 

Keep making beautiful music. There cannot be a more wonderful PEACE than music. It touches everyone. Be well and continue your life's mission. Love to all, Ted - NY 

Hi Karie, So thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter and the pictures of the boat ceremony for Brian. I did listen to your beautiful song as well. Alwys a joy to read your monthly newsletter!!! - Lilliana  San Pedro, CA 

Karie, thank you so much for your beautiful "Angel Song". I sent it to my family as we lost our precious brother John & this so reminded me of him. He loved the water & loved to fish & explore. Love & Blessings, Mary - Walnut Creek 

Wow, Karie!  You have a great voice and are quite a musician!  I really enjoyed checking out your website and listening to some of your music and speaking videos.  It made me appreciate the power house that you are.  :o) ~ Lee  Boulder Creek, CA 

Julianne and I are listening tonight to your song "Into the Light" and appreciating the comfort it is bringing us. So often your music is spot-on, with a positive view during painful times.  Thank you. 
From a grateful fan, ~ Rich  San Jose, CA 

"Congrats girl, Always knew you would climb to the stars with your message & music." Much love, ~ Katz  Miranda, CA 

“I got your new CD and it’s great. It’s been playing continuously in my car.” ~ Roger Ludin Morro Bay, CA 

“Karie, you're voice sounds wondrous...you've got it honey!! Straight from the heavens...” ~ Joseph Lucido 

I thought of you today.  Holly suggested that we listen to your recording of "I Am At Peace" so we could then sing it at our Threshold singing group and will eventually sing it at a local hospice. You helped a whole lot of us to feel that we were at peace. ~ Beth 

“If music could touch a soul - Thank you - you have touched mine. Always play from your heart and remember your dreams are what you make of them.” ~ Anonymous 

“To whom puts love in the music, in all this 'caos', for only reason that her music is love, when the love is a sweet 'simphony' without borders, people and colors.” ~ Roberto de Santos 

“Karie's music takes me away to a special place inside me where I feel nurtured, safe, loved and joyful.” ~ Dorese Elsa Thulin Author of Peekaboo & The Little Voice 

“Karie is a great artist who sings music straight from her heart.” ~ Larry James CelebrateLove.com Scottsdale, AZ 

 "It was a joy to share time & music with you. By the way, the piano CD is great for bedtime. The crickets & frogs blend right in with my own."  ~ Sunshine   Oceanside, CA 

"One thing I DO want you to know is that your music truly continues to help me tremendously whenever I can't sleep at night or when I'm feeling stressed out. My husband & I just came back from 2 weeks of camping & your CD's were the only music I listened to while we were away. It fit so perfectly with the peacefulness of our Shaver Lake campsite situated under huge pine trees with all sorts of little "critters" running around on the ground...you probably had no idea just how much your music & your sharing so openly helps everyone with whom you have contact. I'm here to tell you that you're awesome & I treasure the beautiful music you share with me and the rest of the world." ~ Pat  Atascadero, CA 

Thanks Karie. You are amazing to write songs so quick like that.  Wow! What a channel!  ~ Janet  San Diego, CA 

Hello My Dear! You were such a treasure to all of us... Thank you for gracing our humble event with such class.  ~ David  Long Beach, CA 

"Well, I was moved.  So gentle and humbling and thoughtful.  Thanks.  I needed it."  ~ Don  Miranda, CA 

"Your music is really beautiful.  I am impressed that you have so many albums and that itunes has them available.  I should have asked for an autograph."  ~ Darryl  San Diego, CA 

"Oh my.... Thank YOU! Wonderful you could come and I still tear up at the song you wrote. We were thrilled you came and sang. Yes, intense it was and I think we impacted many people. Thank you for driving all that way, for being such a great asset to our efforts and for being such an all around good person."  ~ Connie  Davis, CA 

“Your energy, attitude and generous spirit is fabulous; you restored my perspective on what's important in life. I'm enjoying my "Bridge the Distance" CD immensely…” ~ Pam McCully 

“Thanks also for the tears that your songs brought out in me....it's a special experience that no music has really done to me before. I can't wait for your third CD!” ~ Nicole Seuret 

“Thanks so much for the cassette, I love it!” ~ Mary Wright 



“Karie has a voice that transcends the earthly plain and soothes as it heals.”              ~ Chris Lauer Anthem Monthly Eureka, CA  

“It’s a sacred trust crafting music and Karie’s got it.” ~ BR - KMUD 91.1FM  

“Why no one has discovered this talent and put it out into the world is a mystery to me...great energy, vocals and keyboards.” ~ Lindy Peters KMFB 96.7FM Ft Bragg, CA  

“I love this music...I’m gonna play the heck outa this.” ~ Late Night Liz KMFB 96.7FM Ft Bragg, CA  

"Listening to Karie and Brigette sing is like hearing angels sing at the gates of heaven... their music is truly a heavenly experience...like voices of angels." ~ Mark Cook KKUP 91.5 FM Santa Clara, CA  

“An enchanting angel with a dynamite sound...an amazingly clear and powerful voice.” ~ Steve Parlato KQEX Radio Fortuna CA  

“I love this music...beautiful voice.” ~ Guido Bernhard Radio FFH Frankfurt Germany  

"Far off any fashion road Karie writes 'n performs her wonderful songs... songs that could be described as colorful pictures painted in oil but Karie uses instruments and voices instead of brushes and sound instead of paint. So if you're a lover of the art I recommend very much to check out Karie's music !" ~ Lord Litter LORD LITTER'S RADIOSHOW on air across Europe  

“I will look forward to hearing your new CD. I've let a few people borrow your other CD and had to chase them down to get it back! Everyone that hears it seems to love it! Thanks again!” Take Care! ~ Lynn Beck Purr Magazine  

“Karie’s rich voice...keyboard artistry...her pain, her lessons learned, add depth to a polished performance.” ~ Deb Candrian  Redwood Record, Garberville, CA  

“I find her music accomplished and intriguing” ~ Jamie Cohen A&R Private Music LA, CA  

“Karie Hillery and her band stand out as true professionals with important insights into the contemporary music scene. Good songs, good friends and fine musicians all. Go see 'em...." ~ Dave Stafford KKUP 91.5FM San Carlos, CA  

“A singer/songwriter with heart and a voice of conscience...a real gem in the field.” ~ Kate Klein-Music Director KMUD 91.1FM Redway, CA  

“Karie’s performances will leave you with something opened in your heart."                   ~ Katz Boose KMUD 91.1FM Redway, CA 


OMG You are amazing…beautiful, talented, kind-hearted….. you play great, your voice sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for all the effort you put in for this gig. I really appreciate you. Love and Blessings - Becca

Hi Karie, I think the music turned out well and having you at the Service made a big difference! It was great seeing you, and you sound wonderful. Many blessings, Kathy

"Karie provided a deep and meaningful Taize service for our center during the "Season of Peace and Non-Violence". The readings she chose were perfect for the theme and she wove them through beautiful melodies and chants that were uplifting, yet easy to follow along and join in on. Her professionalism, talent, and giving spirit make her a favorite at our center for both Sunday services and special event programs such as this. it is a unique and memorable experience." ~ Layne Taylor  Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley  

Hey Karie, Thank you for introducing me to the folks at CSL Monterey. You are so talented, I was so uplifted by your inspirational gifts...who you are...your love shining through! You deserve a much bigger audience, my dear!!!! Bless you!  Nicki, Pacific Grove, CA  

"Thank you for giving us your beautiful voice and gifts- I heard very positive comments about your visit with us and regret I was unable to make it." ~ Rev Tanya Center for Spiritual Living - Peninsula Redwood City, CA  

 "Karie Hillery has blessed us with her divine music and  sacred Taize service on several occasions throughout the years.  Her deep spiritual consciousness has inspired us all who attend our Wednesday's Wisdom mid week service.  She is a 'being' of beauty and grace, both inside and out! ~ Sincere Blessings, Rev. Judee ChapmanCenter for Spiritual Living - Capistrano Valley 

The music was perfect yesterday as always. Love Love Love having you it you always lift the service to a higher level and fill the room with joy! ~ Richard  Monterey, CA  

I was just going to email you to thank you for the wonderful and powerful musical expression this last Sunday.  I know that it was truly a blessing to all who heard. Rev Laura Cash Helgren - Inner Light Ministries San Jose, CA  

“Karie Hilley was the primary musician and signer at the Sunday morning Center for Spiritual Living service in San Jose. Her voice was beautiful to fill the sanctuary with uplifting sound, and the lyrics of her songs spoke to one's soul.” – Roger, San Jose, CA  

...and I am thankful for you and what you bring to us.  I am truly ever so grateful for your love and energy.  We all need it.  Maria, Church of Religious Science, Monterey, CA  

 Thank you so much for sharing your gifts in presenting at our Sunday Service.  Everyone so enjoyed it. Love and Blessings, Rev. Christine Emmerling Community of Infinite Spirit, San Jose, CA  

"A gifted, well-rounded songwriter and singer. Karie's songs and soulful voice captivated our congregation! She's a winner!" ~  Mark Broder Creative Living Fellowship, Phoenix AZ  

“…Not only a wonderful voice and a wonderful talent, but a heart that you feel when you speak with her.” ~ Richard Burdick – Music Director Spiritual Life Center Sacramento, CA  

Thank you, Karie—it went very well and I know people were deeply absorbed in your program. Your sharing is very powerful, and the pacing of music and quotes kept everyone involved. I enjoyed working with you! My thanks to “the guys” as well. It is amazing what a powerful sound you get with three musicians. ~ Cindy - CSL Monterey, CA  

"One of our favorite artists. A truly gifted singer, songwriter and performer with that Angel presence that reaches straight to your heart. No one goes away unaffected by her loving presence. The love of life shines through her." ~ McNiff and Tiffany - Music Directors Sonoma County Center for Life Enrichment  

Hi Karie, I just met you briefly at the Chico New Thoughts Center.  I have only gone twice there and it was the last thing I expected was to hear some music that I liked so much that I wanted to buy your CD's !  I have been listening to them all day I like them so much !  So many of the words echo my beliefs it is kinda uncanny to me.  I bet you would sing my favorite song Imagine so beautifully !  Anyway......I just wanted to let you know that I love your music and lyrics and I am so enjoying them, thank-you.  It is always kinda weird to me that sometimes you just happen upon something that fits your life so well, when you least expect it- makes me definitely believe in a higher being (: !!   Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ Lori  Chico, CA

Dearest Karie,    You were marvelous yesterday.  You added so much to the event, especially with your special song.  You are so wonderful to do this for us, to give of your time and talent.  Everyone had such a good time.  So many said it made their day!  Love, Bobbie 

Thank you, Karie! Your talk was just what I needed to hear--really timely. And I'm so glad that I got to sit with you at lunch. You're so honest, funny, and wise--an original, authentic soul! With love, Barbara